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Thailand is country in Southeast Asia's Indochina peninsula, neighbour with Malaysia (south), Myanmar (northwest), Laos (northeast) and Cambodia (southeast).

It is a most visited country by tourists well known for its tropical islands, royal palaces, ancient monasteries, ruined cities, floating markets.It is by far one of the favorite country visited by backpackers. Accommodation, transport, entertainment and food is affordable and easy to find in around Thailand.



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Capital : Bangkok
Currency : Thai baht (THB) Exchange Rate
Dialing code : +66
Population : 67.73 million (2014) World Bank
Races : Thai 95.9%, Burmese 2% (2010 est.)
Languages : Thai (Official), Burmese, English
Religions : Buddhism, Islam.
A most visited country by tourists around the world.
Official Tourism Website : Amazing Thailand

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